“Wolf” face paint/makeup

Skill Level: PATIENCE REQUIRED             Time: 1hr. +/-                Cost: $

When I asked for ideas on facebook, a friend extended a friendly challenge. In fact, I think he said, “What about a wolf? That would be challenging.” I’m glad he did, this was fun and indeed, challenging.

I started by looking through images of what other people had done. I took a little inspiration for several place – photos, drawings and other face paint designs.

What you’ll need:


I used the copper color from the pallet on the left, white and black eyeliners, white and black jumbo eye pencils, facepaint crayons in yellow and silver, and a little cream makeup in black and white.

Giving detailed step by steps would required a VERY lengthy post, so I’m going to try using mostly photographs to explain.

I started by creating a basic outline using a black eye liner pencil.


Next, I colored in the tongue with a red face paint crayon and began filling in with the jumbo black eye pencil.


Next, I colored in several areas. I used a jumbo white eye pencil for the whitest areas of the design, copper colored eyeshadow in the nose area, and sliver face paint crayon on most of the face.


Then, I added in the gray and black fur. I did this using the jumbo eye pencils in both black and white, layering strokes to get a “furry” look.


Next, I colored in the eyes with yellow facepaint crayon. I used the black pencil to add a pupil, then dusted a little of the copper color back over the bridge of the nose.

Then, I put all of those things away and took out two fine brushes and a little cream makeup in both black and white. I used these to add the small details – white highlights on the eyes and tongue, black “fur” coming out around the snout area, definition to the teeth, etc.

The finished product was a little off-level, but I liked it overall. Sometimes, my designs are going to be crooked. I wear glasses, so to paint my own face, I hold a small magnifying mirror in one hand and paint with the other.

The finished product:



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“Rainy Day” face paint

Difficulty Level: SUPER-EASY   Time: SUPER-QUICK    Cost: Free-$

This makeup could be used with an umbrella, rubber boots, rain-coat, etc. You may have everything needed on hand. My aunt suggested that it would be an excuse for a fun thrift-shopping trip.

You will need:

• Blue eye shadow

• Black, white and blue in face paint crayons or eye pencils (I used LA Colors Jumbo Eye Pencils)

• A few colors for your rainbow – facepaint, lipstick, etc. (I used face paint crayons by Fun World.)


Getting started:

First, I covered my face with eye shadow in dark blue and light blue. You may need a layer of primer or foundation to make it stick. It doesn’t have to be even – after all, the sky isn’t a solid color.



Next, decide where you want your clouds – I wanted them on my cheeks. Draw a little line with something light colored to mark their place. Then, draw a rainbow from one end to the other. I used bright colors, so they would pop against the blue.



I drew my clouds next. I forgot to take a picture of that step (Sorry!). It’s simple – with your white, draw two or three little circles grouped together, or any cloud shape you would like. Then, using your black, outline your cloud shape with a thick line. Going back over the edge of that line with your white will give you a nice shaded effect.

Finishing up: I added raindrops all over my face – some with just white, some the way the clouds were created, and some with a sparkly blue jumbo eye pencil. I decided the rainbow needed a little more contrast, so I outline it with that pencil, as well. For the lips, I just drew lines of color from my rainbow, and outlined them with the blue pencil.

My directions may seem lengthy, but this is really and truly a quick makeup/face paint to do!


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Rave review: DG Beauty facial cleansing wipes

I ran to the Dollar General store here in town recently, to pick up some of my regular face wash. Let’s face it – painting your face this often gives your pores a beating.
Anyway, while I was on the aisle, I noticed packages of facial cleansing wipes. I’m not usually a fan of that sort of thing – if there is no water and bubbles, I don’t feel clean. I thought they might be handy for correcting mistakes, though.
I picked up a package of the Dollar General brand, ’cause you know, I’m cheap. They had a choice of regular or sensitive skin, so I picked the sensitive skin. 

(I really wonder who thinks, “Nah, bring on the harsher stuff.” Of course, my skin is sensitive, so there may be legit reasons. I don’t know – feel free to fill me in!)

They were shockingly great! I was doing an easy makeup that day, so I didn’t really use them for that. When I was finished, I decided to just give them a try. They were so great I felt the need to share!

The following picture is of my face and the wipe after one swipe down my face. I tried to hit all the types of makeup I had used – eyeshadow, eyeliner, face paint crayons, etc.



I went ahead and tried cleaning the rest of my face with it. One wipe did the job, for the most part. My face wasn’t “clean,” but over 95% of the makeup was gone. I followed by truly washing with my facial cleanser and water.

Still, I found myself thinking how many ways these things could be convenient for parents on Halloween. They’d also be convenient to tuck in your purse if you’re going out with face paint, yourself. I know I’ll be using them before attempting to get out of my costumes in future, so that paint doesn’t stain my clothing.

They really were gentle and left my skin feeling moisturized, too. Just a great find that I wanted to share!


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Makeup for Bumble Bee Costume

Difficulty level: CRAZY EASY   Time: QUICK   Cost: $

I designed this makeup look to go with a bumble bee costume. It might not make much sense all on its own.

You’ll need:

• Black eye shadow

• Black eye liner pencil

• Yellow, black, red, white and blue face painting crayons (I got a six color pack for $1.97.)

Getting started:

Use a plain black eye liner pencil (or the black crayon if need be) to draw basic cartoonish facial features. It’s easy. Outline around the eyebrows, adding a point to the arch or swirl to the end. Outline outside of the lips – drawing a bigger smile that extends to the cheeks. At the tips of your smile, draw circle for “cheeks.” I think it would have been cuter if I’d drawn mine bigger. Lastly, draw a fun outline around the eyes and a triangle on the nose.



Next, you’ll draw straight yellow and black stripes across the face. I drew the one across the eyes first. Since I knew those features would be black, the stripe around them needed to be yellow. I worked out from there. I used the yellow crayon and the black crayon to make the stripes. I found that I got the best color saturation by using short, firm strokes.


Next, start coloring in the features you outlined earlier using the crayons. Skip the eye makeup area for now. I colored the eyebrows black and the triangle nose blue. Then, I filled in the lips and cheeks with the red crayon. Since I didn’t have pink in the set, I swirled a little white into the cheeks to make them pink.


Now, all that’s left to do is the eyes and any necessary touch-ups. I strongly encourage using black eye shadow for the eye area (if your child is old enough for makeup in that area at all). I just swept a few heavy strokes above and below the eyes, then extended the outer points.

Touch up tips: I used a dry cotton swab to wipe some small mistakes off and it worked well. I also brushed the black stripe near the middle of my face with black eye shadow, because I wanted the color a little more opaque.

Then, you’re done! How easy was THAT? 🙂




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Creating Butterfly “face paint” from your makeup bag

Difficulty level: EASY   Time: QUICK   Cost: BASICALLY FREE

Butterfly face paint is pretty popular with little girls. It can also be an easy costume – just let her dress up colorfully and add a pair of inexpensive wings. You don’t even necessarily have to have the wings, since there will be a whole butterfly on the face. This is a good idea for little girls or women if you’re on a budget, if you forgot the school Halloween party was tomorrow, or if you get a last-minute invitation.

This makeup look was created entirely from things most girls already have in their makeup bag. You’ll need:

• Eyeshadow and/or blush in various colors

• Eyeliner – I used liquid, but a pencil would also work

• Lipstick

• Liquid or cream foundation

• Brushes

The first thing you need to do is cover the face with foundation. This is to help the powder makeup stick. As you’re working, you may need to “refresh” certain areas, if you notice your color is not sticking well.

Next, choose your main color, preferably a light color. I used a pink blush. Brush this color onto the top eyelids. Then, take an angled brush, load it with color and draw a line down from the corner of the eyes to just past the outer edges of the mouth. Fill in the area between this line and the under eye area with color.


Next, pick a second color (I used teal eyeshadow) and create an outer border for your butterfly. Any “butterfly” like shape will work. Extend this line above the eyebrow. Then, blend the color into your first color on the cheek and outer eye area.

Next, it’s time to decorate! I used a third color (purple eyeshadow) to define the top and bottom of the wing. Then, I used a bright red lipstick (with a brush) and some green eye shadow to decorate the wings.

Anything goes – hearts, polka dots, teardrop shapes, dashes, squiggly lines, just whatever. You can use as many or as few colors as you would like. Just have fun – channel your inner third-grader!


Now, you’re almost finished! It’s time to bust out the eyeliner. I used a liquid metallic eyeliner. Matte would have looked better, but it’s what I had.

A circle between the eyes with a couple of dashes on the nose will serve as a nice body for your butterfly. Above the circle, make two little squiggles for antenna.

Use your eyeliner to outline the butterfly wings. You can add a little design in this step to make it even prettier. It doesn’t take much skill – just go with it! To finish it off, paint the lips with a color from the design.

Then, you’re FINISHED!


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Keeping things inexpensive & safe

The idea behind this series of posts was to give people ideas for inexpensive ways to paint their own or their children’s faces for Halloween. As such, I’m sticking to using a few inexpensive Halloween paints and stuff most women would have in their makeup bag.

I purchased an eight color makeup pallet for $2.97 and a tube of white cream makeup for 97¢ at a local department store. (And by local here, I mean 26 miles away. haha)


From my makeup bag, I’ve been using a $1 L.A. Colors eyeliner. It’s metallic, which I picked up by mistake, and matte would be better. However, it has a great pointed sponge tip that makes drawing lines easy.


I’m also using eye shadow, blush and lipstick in many of the designs. Most of it is actually from one of those big, generic cosmetic sets they sell at Christmas. Last year, I saw one marked down to $1.75 and couldn’t help picking it up. I’ve used about three things from the set, but it’s now providing me with lots of options.

However, if there’s a design you like and you don’t have the colors you need, I recommend looking for L.A. Colors eye shadows or blushes. They’re incredibly cheap, provide pretty good color AND they’re cruelty free.

Here are a few of the palettes from my impulse-purchased kit:


An important note about safety:

I am in no way a professional related to the application of cosmetic products. I cannot accept responsibility for any injuries, illness, or allergic reactions incurred by those reading this blog. You are responsible for ensuring that you are using safe products and sanitary practices.

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